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Downsizing Tips - Buy a Home - Heritage Realty International Inc.

None of us look forward to moving because we're concerned with changes brought on by advancing years. For some, this will mean downsizing, thoughts which may inspire panic. But hold on, and see how our real estate agents advise our Morgantown homebuyers and homesellers to "rightsize" rather than downsize. 

If you're looking for the home where you want to spend your senior years, or if you're looking to sell your home so you can make your next move, you may find the home you want among Morgantown homes for sale. But as you shop, keep in mind some of these tips from our experienced real estate staff involving downsizing—and rightsizing.

• Do you need to move?
This depends on many factors. Is your current home easily accessible throughout? Imagine yourself using a wheelchair or having mobility issues. Can you get into the shower? Will you need to add ramps? Are the halls wide enough to navigate if you're mobility impaired? Is the yard too big to manage without a sizable outlay in maintenance costs? Then, ask if you can afford to live where you are with your resources. Further, do you have all the amenities you will require when you're elderly? 

• Choose the right place to live. 
You may need to move to a place more affordable in terms of taxes (consider a state with low or no state income taxes), cost of living, rent/mortgage payments, etc., than the place where you live now. Do your research and choose carefully. Also, assess if your new destination has the amenities you need: hospitals, place of worship, entertainment, and transportation for the elderly in case you can no longer drive.

When you shop for a home, picture yourself living there with mobility issues, i.e., using a wheelchair. You will likely want a smaller, one-story structure without stairs. 

• Plan your move early.

Moving to Smaller Home - Heritage Realty International Inc.

If you intend to move, start planning at least a year in advance. Yes, you may be busy deciding where to live and buying a home, but you also need to start downsizing your life. If you have a big house full of possessions, start selling some of it off, giving it away to your children or others who might appreciate it, or maybe even giving away what's in good working order to charity. Try culling sentimental items such as photo albums, correspondence, souvenirs, etc. Digitize whatever you can. 

It will be hard, but you want to declutter your home so you can sell it, and there just won't be room for everything in your new smaller digs.

• Take steps to sell your current home.
Find a good real estate agent who knows your neighborhood and seek advice about what your home is worth.

Besides decluttering and planning to stage your home for potential buyers, you'll need to make repairs, such as cleaning or replacing carpets or damaged flooring; repairing cracks in the walls and repainting as needed; replacing old appliances; cleaning or replacing doorknobs, locks, hinges, and other metal parts; trimming shrubbery and limbs; and planting flowers in bedding areas for curb appeal.

• Contact movers.
Moving is stressful. Contact moving companies early to discuss what you'll need to get moved. A representative may need to visit your home to assess how much moving your property will cost.

Plan carefully, and you can transform your senior downsizing move into an adventure. Questions? Contact us today. 

Heather Neill, Broker ABR, CRS, ePRO, GREEN, GRI, MRP
The Professional Building 309 Cleveland Avenue, Suite #310
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Morgantown, West Virginia 26501

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