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Biking Around Morgantown - Heritage Realty International Inc.

How to describe the scenery around Morgantown? How about spectacular. Our rugged landscape makes for some breathtaking views, especially for those who enjoy a slower take by cycling around town. Is it any wonder that shopping for Morgantown homes for sale is such a hot prospect? 

Our real estate agents have compiled a list of some picture-perfect places for you to take a break from moving or maybe from prepping your home for listing. Now that the days are longer, there's time for you and your family to hop on bikes and get going.

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Take a Class Around Morgantown - Heritage Realty International Inc.

They say that learning is the spice of life, and there's always plenty to learn in Morgantown. This city is full of studios, galleries, and other artistic centers that offer engaging classes led by experts in their field. Our real estate agents have heard excellent things about the five classes listed below; which one sounds best to you? 

1. Artistry House Adult Dance Classes - 135 Greenbag Rd., Morgantown, WV 26501 
Dance is an enjoyable way to stay limber and active, and Artistry House's adult dance classes are just the place to hone your dance skills in a relaxed and supportive environment. The studio currently offers Adult Barre and Core classes on Mondays, tap classes on Tuesdays, and mixed-level adult ballet class on Thursdays. Participants are welcome to wear whatever they want and are encouraged to do their best and have fun.

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Start a Butterfly Garden - Homeowners- Heritage Realty International Inc.

When you look at a beautiful West Virginia garden, it's hard to imagine anything that would make it more attractive. But our real estate agents do have one suggestion you might like. Here are a few tips to help you create a butterfly garden.

• Pick the Right Spot
Butterflies enjoy sunny spots, shielded from wind and rain. Strong winds are hard on these delicate creatures, so it's essential to provide some protection. If your garden doesn't already offer those features, you can add shrubs or trees to your landscaping. Stick to native species. Some good choices are dogwood, wild cherry, and yellow poplar. It's important to remember that your winged visitors need both sun and shade. Large rocks placed among the shrubs provide resting places to enjoy the sunshine while showing off their splendid colors.

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Pizza Shops - Morgantown, WV - Heritage Realty International Inc.

Pi Day (March 14th) is on the way, and there's no better excuse to feast on delicious pizza pie. In honor of the occasion, our real estate agents have sampled pies from some of the best pizza places in Morgantown. Here are some of their favorites.  

• Pizza Al's - 2952 University Ave., Morgantown, WV 26505 
Pizza Al's is a local favorite for low prices and great-tasting food. The four thriving locations scattered around Morgantown speak to just how much their clientele loves them.

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Home Emergencies - Heritage Realty International Inc.

Owning your first home is really exciting, but realizing that you can no longer call a landlord when something goes wrong can be a little bit intimidating. Our real estate agents want to help eliminate any anxiety you may feel by sharing ways you can be prepared to resolve some of the most common issues yourself. Here are a few precautions you can take.

• Power Outage
Don't get caught in the dark when there's a blackout. You can dodge a bullet by maintaining a supply of portable LED lights for each room. Rechargeable bulb lights hang anywhere and have a much longer lifespan than standard flashlights. Syles and prices are almost limitless. When the lights go out, it's also a good idea to disconnect most appliances and electronics so that they aren't damaged by a surge when the power comes back on. If anyone in the home requires electrically powered medical equipment, it's important to have a battery or generator backup plan.

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Breakfast Restaurants - Morgantown, WV - Heritage Realty International Inc.

A hot breakfast is a great way to jumpstart your day, and it also gives you the perfect excuse to visit different Morgantown restaurants for eggs, waffles, French toast, and more. And since February has been designated National Hot Breakfast Month, what better time to make sure you don't skip the first meal of the day?

Our real estate agents suggest visiting the following restaurants to grab a hot breakfast in Morgantown.

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2022 Remodeling Trends - Homeowners - Heritage Real Estate Co.

It's a brand-new year, and perhaps you're ready for a brand-new look. The good news is that 2022 brings with it plenty of cool, new remodeling trends. In fact, experts are predicting an 8.6% increase in home remodeling spending this year. Whether you're currently looking at Morgantown homes for sale or you plan on staying where you're at, here are some top trends to consider.

• Better Mudrooms
Mudrooms are so convenient. Having a place to leave your muddy, dirty boots and outdoor gear can help keep the rest of your home cleaner. In 2022, many homeowners are upgrading their mudrooms with features like boot dryers, easy-to-clean vinyl flooring, and pet washing stations. You could also add separate storage cabinets for each family member, which will help keep everything organized.

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Financing a Home in 2022 - Heritage Real Estate Co.

Our real estate agents know financing is a home is one of the biggest concerns a new buyer has. Even experienced buyers who've been through it before can find the financing process a bit intimidating. That's one reason it's critical to have a trusted agent on your side.

Morgantown homes for sale are as enticing as ever, but many would-be buyers wonder what the future holds. 2021 saw housing market conditions unlike anything in living memory, which offered opportunities for both buyers and sellers. But as we write this, it's clearly a "seller's market."

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